Major bridge to be permanently closed to cars

RACQ has warned drivers they would need to find another route into the city when Victoria Bridge closed to general traffic next month as the construction of the Brisbane Metro project ramped up.
Victoria Bridge Brisbane concept
The Courier Mail reported from 24 January, traffic heading toward the city through South Brisbane and West End would instead have to use alternatives, such as the William Jolly Bridge or the tolled Go Between Bridge.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie urged motorists to start considering their new routes to avoid getting caught out.

“We’ve known Victoria Bridge would soon close to vehicles to make way for Brisbane Metro so be sure to plan ahead to get into the city,” she said.

“Council’s erected temporary signage to help motorists get used to the change and permanent signs will soon go up to make sure everyone knows where they’re going.

“Residents of the 4101 postcode are eligible for a $100 toll subsidy to use the Go Between Bridge and the William Jolly Bridge is still open for use.”

Ms Ritchie urged Council to give all motorists access to subsidised Go Between Bridge travel.

 “This bridge is a dud at the best of times, in terms of vehicle usage. While we applaud Council for arranging subsidised travel for locals, every motorist should be eligible,” she said.

“Being the most expensive toll road for distance travelled means many Brisbane motorists can’t justify the cost to use it, and with the Victoria Bridge closed it’ll just funnel more traffic onto the already under-pressure William Jolly Bridge and surrounding streets.

“We understand this will come at a small cost to ratepayers but the Go Between Bridge generates very little revenue anyway and this is the opportunity for it to do what it was built for, to relieve congestion on William Jolly Bridge and enable people to cross the river.”

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