Tidal threat remains for SEQ

As the rain eased across south east Queensland RACQ has warned residents and car owners who lived or parked in low-lying areas the threat was not over, with the biggest tide of the year to strike Tuesday morning.
Flooded car after a storm
RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said the high tide would hit just before 10am causing flooding in low-lying and coastal areas.

“The tides are predicted to reach 2.66 metres and with so much water on the ground from the intense rain we’ve had these tides could flood areas quickly,” Ms Hunter said.

“Those low-lying places in Brisbane like Northey Street at Newmarket and Breakfast Creek are likely to see water over the road, and bikeways and footpaths could be impacted.

“Flooding from high tides can cause real damage, so don’t park your vehicles in a flood prone area.

“When driving, if you come across a flooded road the message is clear and simple, forget it. Turn around and find another way because driving in flood waters, even tidal, is incredibly risky.”

Tide information was available from Maritime Safety Queensland.

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