Lock up to prevent the grinch stealing Christmas

As families prepared for the Christmas holidays, RACQ has warned Queenslanders not to become complacent in securing their homes with 628 claims for home theft recorded in the past 12 months, and more than 20 percent occurring over the December/January holiday period.
Santa catches thief
RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said as Queenslanders spent more time at home due to the pandemic, the Club was reminding home owners about the importance of security when their houses were left unoccupied. 

“Unfortunately, thieves often strike at Christmas because they know many people will be away from home for the holidays, and a lot of valuable items will be left just sitting under Christmas trees,” Ms Smith said.

“With the borders to reopen on Monday, many Queenslanders may be heading away for the school holidays for the first time in almost two years, so we urge them to take the right precautions.”  

Ms Smith said there were a few simple steps you could follow to avoid a break in this festive season.

“Firstly, remember the basics - lock your doors and windows, and don’t leave a spare key somewhere obvious like under the doormat,” she said. 

“If you’re going away, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property and set your alarm if you have one. You could also consider a timer on lights to make it look like someone is home.

“While we all love social media, avoid posting about your holiday until you get home.”

Ms Smith said while it was important to lock up when you are out, it was just as important when you are home. 

“It’s easy for a thief to come in through an unlocked front door and take a few items undetected, while you’re sleeping or out in the backyard enjoying Christmas lunch. Make a habit of always locking your doors, even when you’re home. 

“And if you’re lucky enough to receive some expensive new jewellery or electronics from Santa, update your Home and Contents Insurance to make sure they’re covered if the worst should happen.”

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