93,000 vehicles at risk of bursting into flames

RACQ has issued an urgent warning to motorists with a Hyundai Tucson manufactured between 2015 and 2021 due to fears the engine could catch fire.
Hyundai Tucson recall
Image: Hyundai

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued the recall notice for more than 93,000 cars due to concerns an electronic control circuit board in the Anti-Lock Braking System module could short circuit when the components were exposed to moisture.

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter urged motorists to take this warning extremely seriously, as the engine could burst into flames even when the vehicle was turned off.

“If the fault occurred while someone was in the car, it could kill or cause serious injuries, that’s why owners of these Tucsons need to check if their vehicles are impacted,” Ms Hunter said.

“Don’t park your vehicle in the garage, leave it in an open space, away from flammable materials and structures.”

Ms Hunter said customers impacted would be contacted by Hyundai directly to organise repairs free of charge.

“Motorists will then go to an authorised Hyundai dealership and have a relay kit installed on the circuit board,” she said.

“To check if your vehicle is impacted, visit the Product Safety website, or contact Hyundai’s Customer Care Centre on 1800 186 306.”

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