Fill up the tank as prices soar in Toowoomba RACQ

RACQ has warned motorists in Toowoomba to shop around and only fill up the tank where they found cheap fuel, as half the town’s service stations hiked prices to 159.9 cents per litre (cpl) for unleaded petrol (ULP).

Club spokesperson Vivien O’Connor said the average price had soared by 23cpl in just three days to 147.2cpl.

“We’re seeing a price cycle develop in Toowoomba, similar to what we have in metropolitan areas in the south east and at the moment prices are hiking in line with the expensive phase of the cycle,” Ms O’Connor said.

“Price cycles are a function of competitive markets and it means prices usually fluctuate by about 30 to 40cpl in the space of three to four weeks.

“It’s difficult to predict how the Toowoomba market will behave, but we’re hoping to see the same level of discounting drivers in Brisbane are afforded and that prices only stay high for a few days before they come down. We’d also like to see prices close to wholesale offered during the cheap phase.”

Ms O’Connor said it was critical motorists shopped around, as 40 percent of sites in Toowoomba were still charging 126cpl or less.

“The cheapest place to fill up in Toowoomba at the moment is the Metco on Russell Street where you can pick up ULP for 119.9cpl,” she said.

“There’s a 40cpl difference between the cheapest and the most expensive site, so motorists should definitely be using the tools available to them, like the RACQ Fair Fuel Finder app, to make sure they’re not being ripped off when there could be cheap fuel around the corner.

“Shopping around is always the most important thing motorists can do and the only way to drive prices down. Appropriate regulation, like the mandatory price reporting helps, but ultimately, it’s up to motorists to buy from the cheapest site, because it rewards those retailers doing the right thing.”

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