RACQ: Put a stop to our soaring road toll

The number of lives lost on Queensland roads had already almost doubled, when compared to this time last year, prompting a serious warning from RACQ.
car crash aftermath

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said another four people were killed between Friday and Sunday, including teenagers and two motorbike riders, taking the State’s road toll to 39 just seven weeks into the new year.


“That’s 20 more lives lost than at the same time in 2020, which is terrifying as last year was one of the worst on record. Despite repeated pleas for drivers to take care, Queenslanders are still dying on our roads,” Ms Hunter said.


“Any death is an absolute tragedy, and when it involves teenagers, as was the case at Bahrs Scrub and Townsville over weekend, it’s particularly disturbing.


“We know both young drivers and motorbike riders are overrepresented in crashes, so we’re begging all road users to make a conscious effort to obey the road rules and prevent more deaths and heartache.”


Ms Hunter said around 90 percent of crashes could be attributed to human error.


“We say it again and again but doing any of the Fatal Five behaviours risks lives. So please stick to the speed limit, wear seatbelts, don’t drive if you’ve been drinking, or if you’re tired or distracted behind the wheel. We can’t afford to lose anyone else,” she said.


“These aren’t just numbers, these are mothers, fathers, children and siblings. And every time we lose someone on the roads, families, friends, and the wider community are torn apart - something needs to change.”

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