Claims grow as weather continues

RACQ members impacted by the ongoing rain event have been urged to lodge their claims as soon as possible, as the continuing bad weather led to a steep increase in claims on Monday.
Flooded street. Picture credit: Courier Mail
Photo: Courier Mail

At 9am Tuesday, RACQ had received 328 claims, with 282 of those for damage to homes or contents. 

The warning came as the Bureau of Meterology forecast more rain and a possible thunderstorm for large parts of the south east on Tuesday. 

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said the quickest and easiest way to notify the Club of your damage was to lodge your claim online

“We can’t help you until we know you need us, so lodge your claim as soon as possible,” Ms Clinton said. 

“So far, we’ve received a handful of claims for flood damage, but what we’re mostly seeing is leaking roofs and water ingress. 

“As the constant rain continues, these claim numbers are increasing and we expect they will continue to grow until after the rain stops.”

Ms Clinton said this weather should be a reminder to all of the importance of being prepared. 

“Many people are just now realising the benefits of clearing their gutters, preparing their emergency kit and discussing their emergency plan with family at the start of summer,” she said. 

“While we certainly don’t want anyone out on ladders in the rain preparing their home, we do recommend you take some time today to at least think about where you would go and what you would do if you needed to evacuate or if rising flood waters prevented you from getting home.” 

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