Flash flooding as deluge hits

RACQ has pleaded with motorists not to drive through flood waters after a storm cell dumped heavy rain across parts of south east Queensland causing flash flooding and inundating local roads.
Rain falling on road

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said the slow-moving deluge caused some localised flooding in Goodna and reminded motorists of the dangers of driving through flood water. 

“Flash flooding can quickly cause damage to the road’s surface so you never know what you could be driving into if you take the risk,” Ms Hunter said. 

“Fast moving water has the potential to claim lives, so if you come across a flooded road, no matter how often you drive on it, turn back.”

Ms Hunter urged motorists to drive to conditions in the heavy rain, which according to the Bureau of Meteorology, would continue throughout Thursday afternoon. 

“We know heavy rain can make for slippery roads so if you need to be in the car make sure you’re driving with your headlights on, take it a little slower and leave extra space between vehicles,” she said. 

“Check RACQ Road Conditions for the latest information on the roads before you set off or delay your travel until the weather clears.” 

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