Pothole threat as flooding eases

As the flood waters receded across the south east RACQ reminded drivers the threat was not over, with hundreds of roads damaged by floods.
Rain falling on road

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said Brisbane City Council had so far identified 537 impacted roads across the council region.

“We’re seeing some widespread damage across the network with road failures and displaced bitumen to single and multiple potholes” Ms Hunter said.

Brisbane City Council has already sealed 2311 potholes but as the weather clears up drivers may notice more developing. 

“There could be road closures in place for weeks yet as repairs continue so we’re urging drivers to take care and pay attention.

“Please never drive around road closed signs. They’ve been closed for a reason.”  

Ms Hunter said potholes could cause extensive damage to vehicles. 

“Pothole damage can be very costly so take it slow so you can clearly see your path ahead and if safe to do so you should avoid driving on them,” she said. 

“If you hit a pothole, pull over to a safe spot and assess the damage, taking care to check your tyre rims. 

“It’s important to get any damage to your vehicle repaired, especially if you notice the car pulling to one side.

“If you notice your local road has developed potholes make sure you get on to your local council quickly so they know to organise repairs.”

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