Respect yourself, respect others and respect the road rules

The State’s peak motoring body has thrown its support behind a new safety push by Queensland Police urging motorcyclists to comply with the road rules after 21 riders died in crashes this year.
Rider's view of Harley-Davidson Pan America Special.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie pleaded with riders to take extra care after police revealed there had been a shocking increase in crashes where the rider was at fault.

“We’re not playing the blame game here as road safety is everyone’s responsibility, but with 70 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes caused by rider error it’s a timely reminder for motorcyclists to remain vigilant on the roads,” Ms Ritchie said.

“We know there’s been an increase in new motorcyclists on our roads since COVID-19, but those riders tragically killed were of all ages and all experience levels which goes to show the problem is widespread.

“We’re particularly disturbed by news one rider was caught with more than four times the legal blood alcohol limit with a passenger and no proper safety equipment. While at Lower Beachmont, a motorcyclist was caught travelling at almost 180 km/h in an 80km/h zone.

“No one is going to walk away from a crash at that speed, whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice.”

Ms Ritchie urged motorcyclists to ride within their ability and to adhere to the road rules.

“There are 21 people who should be with their families tonight or having dinner with mates, but instead loved ones are grappling to comprehend their tragic deaths,” she said.

“We know motorcyclists are around three times more likely to die on our roads and don’t have the same physical protection a driver has in a car, that’s why they need to be doing everything within their control to keep themselves, and others, safe.

“Equally, drivers have a role to play – by double checking blind spots for motorcycles and taking extra care when merging and changing lanes.

“It’s a privilege not a right to be on our roads, and as we’ve seen, that and much more, can be quickly taken away.”

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