Where to find cheap fuel in Greater Brisbane

RACQ has encouraged motorists to do their research before filling up the tank as fuel prices were dropping quickly across Greater Brisbane, paving the way for good deals for savvy locals.
Person filling up car at petrol pump fuel

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said more than 40 sites were selling unleaded petrol (ULP) for 130 cents per litre (cpl) or less, while the latest average was 142.6cpl.

“The cheapest site in Greater Brisbane at the moment is the BP at Northgate, which is selling ULP for 127.9cpl,” Ms Hunter said.

“Across the northside, we’re seeing plenty of cheaper fuel on the market from Grange and Kedron all the way to Carseldine, Bracken Ridge and Strathpine, ULP’s on offer for around 130cpl.”

Ms Hunter said Greater Brisbane was expected to reach the cheap phase of the cycle mid to late next week.

“If motorists can hold off filling up the tank until then they should do so, but if not, now is the time to be doing the research and shopping around,” she said.

“We expect the price cycle will fall quite quickly from today, as the market moves towards the cheap phase, but the bad news is recent increases in the oil price and local wholesale prices will mean prices are as unlikely to fall as low as they have in recent cycles.

“Motorists ideally should be aiming to buy ULP for about 125cpl or less, but any price below 129 pl should be considered cheap.

“Use apps like RACQ Fair Fuel Finder to make sure you’re filling up for one of the cheapest prices in your area.

“Supporting sites offering the lowest prices increases competition and rewards those retailers doing the right thing.”

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