Rising road toll prompts RACQ safety campaign

Following the deaths of 170 people on Queensland roads so far in 2021, RACQ has launched a major road safety campaign, aimed at reducing road crashes and saving lives.
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RACQ’s month-long road safety campaign officially launched in August across billboards, media and social media, to coincide with Queensland Road Safety Week on 16–20 August.

RACQ Group CEO David Carter said road safety was part of the Club’s DNA and with a devastating number of lives lost on Queensland roads this year, motorists needed to ‘drive like their lives depended on it’.

“We’re facing a crisis on Queensland roads. From the busiest highways to outback country roads our RACQ Air Rescue Network have been called to countless car crashes this year,” Mr Carter said.

“Sadly, we’re on track for one of the most horrific years on the roads in a decade, with roughly five people killed every week during 2021.

“Queenslanders will see RACQ’s billboards across the State throughout August reminding us to drive like our lives depend on it each and every day.

“There will also be an interactive social media campaign and a special edition of our The Road Ahead magazine delivered to members from the start of August.”

Mr Carter said RACQ aimed to reach Queenslanders on a personal level and encourage them to make safe driving choices behind the wheel.

“Sadly, around 90 percent of all fatal crashes are caused by some element of human error, whether it be distraction, speeding, driving drunk or tired or not being properly buckled up,” he said.

“That means road safety is literally in our hands as drivers. We each must make a commitment to obeying the Fatal Five to help keep their lives and the lives of all road users safe.

“Together, we can save lives and ensure whenever anybody is on the road, they’ll get home to their families safely.”

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