Vital road safety funding welcomed

RACQ has welcomed the Federal and State Government’s $174.7 million dollar boost to key crash hotspots the Club had long lobbied for, including the Capricorn and Dawson Highways.
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RACQ Head of Public Policy Susan Furze said the funding for the Federal Road Safety Program was announced on the first day of Queensland Road Safety Week and would deliver accelerated safety upgrades to high-risk areas across the State.

“The activation of these funds means the State Government can hit the ground running on these life-saving projects this financial year including starting urgent safety works on important regional roads,” Ms Furze said.

“RACQ has long campaigned for a low-cost high-impact safety upgrades along regional Queensland highways to reduce crash rates and lower the road toll.

“We’re also calling for continued and increased investment in the Federal Road Safety Program beyond the current $3 billion three-year plan to keep delivering these upgrades sooner across Queensland’s road network, to achieve a minimum 30 percent reduction in fatal and serious injuries by 2030.”

Ms Furze said the solution to Queensland’s rising road toll came down to having safer roads, safer cars and safer drivers.

“Today there are 172 people missing from families in Queensland because they have been killed in crashes across the State and its promising to see our State and Federal leaders banding together to help tackle the crisis on our roads,” she said.

“While governments play a role in ensuring Queenslanders have safer roads, every motorist has a responsibility to be a safer driver.

“That’s why we’re asking drivers to take personal responsibility every time they get behind the wheel. Don’t speed, drive drunk, tired or distracted and make sure everyone has their seatbelt on.

“Road safety is in everyone’s hands, and it’s up to us to turn these horrific fatalities around – so we don’t lose anyone else to the road.”

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