How dark can your car window tint be?


The RACQ Auto Glass team answers this common question and more on window tinting.

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How dark can your car window tint be?

The RACQ Auto Glass team answers this common question and more on window tinting.

What is the darkest legal tint for my car?

A tint film’s shade is measured as the percentage of light allowed to pass through the window, known as VLT or Visible Light Transference.

A lower percentage VLT allows less light to pass through the car’s window and is therefore a darker film.

In Queensland, the darkest legal tint for privately owned vehicles is:

  • Front side windows: Greater than 35% VLT.
  • Rear side windows: Greater than 20% VLT.
  • Rear window: Greater than 20% VLT.

RACQ recommends following the above laws to maximise driver and passenger safety.

Can windshields be tinted?

It is illegal to fully tint front windshields. However, a tint strip can be applied to the upper 10% of the windshield or the highest point that is swept by the windscreen wiper, whichever is less.

What is mirror tint?

Mirror tint is typically a metallised film (made using metal particles) with a reflective appearance, commonly in gold, silver, and sometimes black.

When choosing a reflective film, ensure the films external reflectance (the percentage of light the film reflects away) is less than 10%.

The maximum external reflectance of window tint in Queensland is 10% as highly reflective films can direct light into the vision of other drivers which may blind them and result in a crash.

What is chameleon tint?

Chameleon tint is primarily a cosmetic film that changes its appearance depending on a variety of factors such as lighting, weather, temperature, and angle of view.

This allows the film to change colour frequently when the car is in motion, providing an attention-grabbing aesthetic.

What is security tint?

Security tint transforms standard glass into glass that can withstand repeated high impacts.

Security film is typically made up of many layers of polyester film which creates a high-tensile barrier when applied to glass.

It works by firmly holding together broken shards of glass when the window is shattered from high impacts.

The purpose of the film is not to save the glass itself, but instead to prevent intruders invading or broken glass flying into the premises in case of breaking.

Drive in comfort and style with RACQ car window tinting

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