EV models on the rise

Car makers set to release dozens of new models over the next 12 months.
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A surge in electric vehicle (EV) numbers is tipped to hit the Australian new car market in 2022.

The Electric Vehicle Council’s State of Electric Vehicles 2021 report forecast the number of EV models to reach 58 by the end of 2022, up from 31 this year.

“While the supply of new models to market has not shifted significantly in the last 12 months, carmakers are now confirming the upcoming supply of new electric vehicle models into the Australian market,” the report said.

“It is therefore expected that by the end of 2022, Australians will have access to 27 additional electric vehicle models, with a predicted 20 battery electric vehicles and seven plug-in hybrid vehicles entering the market.”

Despite the expected rise in options, the report said Australia was still behind model availability in other markets.

“Drivers in the United Kingdom, for example, already have access to over 130 models and from a much larger variety of vehicle segments,” the report said.

“Most car makers around the world have now made firm public commitments to electrification, including publicly pledging billions of dollars in investment towards electric vehicles over the next few years alone.”

The report said in the first half of 2021, there were 8688 EVs sold in Australia compared with 6900 for the whole of 2020*.

However, sales to the end of June 2021 only represented 1.57% of the light vehicle segment sales.

“Despite growth of electric vehicle sales, Australia still sits significantly behind the rest of the world when it comes to electric vehicle adoption,” the report said.

“Globally, electric vehicles represented 4.2% of light vehicle sales, up from 2.5% in 2019.

“This demonstrates the strength and direction of the automotive market towards electrification.”

The report said with additional models, including some at lower prices, expected in the coming years, EV sales and market share would continue to increase in Australia.

*Sales figures are based on FCAI data and the EVC’s Tesla estimate. Tesla does not disclose local sales figures.

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