Hydrogen-powered vehicle joins police

Queensland’s Hyundai NEXO police car a first for Australia.
Hydrogen-powered Hyundai NEXO has joined the Queensland Police Service fleet.

A hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) has joined the Queensland Police Service fleet.

The Hyundai NEXO is one of five being used by the Queensland Government.

Hyundai said it was the first FCEV police car in Australia.

The Queensland Government and police NEXOs take the national fleet to 28 alongside 20 rolled out to the ACT Government and emergency services in 2020 and those at Hyundai’s head office in Sydney.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Executive Officer Jun Heo said Hyundai was pleased to see its hydrogen technology deployed by the Queensland Police Service as a further step towards a clean motoring future.

“Deploying NEXO into the Queensland Police Service provides a terrific opportunity for police to experience the unique benefits of our zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle while showcasing the technology to the public,” Mr Heo said.

Hyundai said the NEXO had a range of 666km with a refuelling time of three to five minutes.

The Queensland Government hydrogen station in Brisbane will provide the infrastructure to refuel its NEXOs, using hydrogen produced in the state.

The ANCAP five-star safety-rated NEXO is the first government-certified FCEV allowed on Australian roads.

FCEV technology means NEXOs purify the air while being driven, emitting only water vapour from their exhaust.

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