RACQ panel answers your electric car questions


An RACQ panel of experts responds to Queenslanders' most common questions about electric vehicles. 

RACQ has hosted its first-ever electric vehicle video panel, busting the myths and setting the record straight on everything Queenslanders want to know about the transition to EVs.

As one of Australia’s largest motoring clubs, we know there is some scepticism about whether electric cars will really take off here. We are, after all, the unofficial capital of the SUV and ute!

So, we put the call out to you, our members, on RACQ’s Facebook page and the response was incredible with more 1,100 questions put forward in just a few days.

There’s clearly a lot of curiosity out there and RACQ wants to help.

Our panel of experts includes some of the brightest brains in transport and sustainability.

RACQ’s Head of Public Policy Dr Michael Kane can tell you how long it takes to charge an EV and shares his views on whether Australia will be reliant on foreign battery production the way we are on fuel supply.

Our Principal Technical Researcher Andrew Kirk breaks down the cost of servicing an EV compared with a regular internal combustion engine (ICE) car and sets the record straight on whether the batteries are really at risk of exploding in Queensland’s scorching summer.

The Road Ahead’s Motoring Editor Ged Bulmer puts you straight in the driver’s seat, painting the perfect picture on what it’s like to drive an EV and whether they can tow a caravan.

We particularly loved Ged’s response to a member’s question wanting to know “which EV is most like a V6 Commodore?” (and yes, Ged knows the answer!)

We’re also fortunate to have a special guest from the University of Queensland join our panel. Dr Cristyn Meath specialises in sustainability, so if you want to know whether our electricity grid can cope with the EV transition, or what future charging options will be available for apartment or city dwellers, be sure to tune in.

RACQ is not on an EV crusade, we just want to give you the facts for when you’re making your next vehicle purchase. 

They do, after all, say knowledge is power.

So grab your earphones (and maybe some popcorn) and tune in here for answers to your EV questions. 

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