Adopt and make a difference

Help Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) by adopting a pet or donating supplies.
Cat and dog on a couch outdoors
Your donation will make a world of difference to the hundreds of cats, dogs, kittens and puppies that find a new start each month through the AWLQ’s four rehoming sites.

Better still, adopt a pet from the AWLQ’s Gold Coast, Beenleigh, South West Brisbane or Bracken Ridge shelters.

RACQ is working with AWLQ to support better outcomes for pets and their families by offering three months’ free pet insurance to eligible cats and dogs adopted through one of their rehoming sites or treated at one of the two community vet clinics.

Simply visit an AWLQ, then phone RACQ on 1800 177 907 to talk to an RACQ consultant who can help you to take out RACQ pet insurance.

AWLQ has been protecting and defending disadvantaged animals on the Gold Coast since 1959 and strives to give every animal in need a second chance.

It has a zero-euthanasia policy for healthy animals and supports animals in emergency situations, while also providing veterinary care through its on-site vets.

What to donate


  • Buckle collars.
  • Kongs and Kong wobblers.
  • Puzzle toys.
  • General dog toys.
  • KraMar food bowls 1.75L and 2.8L.
  • Sheets and towels.
  • Clam shell wading pools.
  • Dog treats (e.g. pig ears).
  • Head halti and Infinity head halti.


  • Large KraMar litter pan.
  • Purina Pet Ant-free food bowls.
  • Sheets, towels and blankets.
  • Scratching posts and toys.
  • Igloo beds.

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