Share your caravan for extra cash

The caravan sharing economy is heating up, and your dormant caravan could pay its way.
Man relaxing next to a caravan near the beach.
We’ve all heard of Airbnb and Uber, but did you know you can also share your caravan or RV and make some money?

Entrepreneurial businesses like Camplify are growing large databases of privately-owned caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers and campervans – all available for hire by those who don’t have their own caravan, or who don’t want to tow one.

With the ability to vet those who can and cannot hire their RV, owners can choose to let the hirer tow or drive their caravan or motorhome or set it up in a campsite ready and waiting for the paying customer.

The owner also sets the fee and is welcome to charge for additional services, like pick-up and delivery.

Considering many caravans sit dormant for months each year, it is becoming an attractive option for many RV owners who can see the opportunity to generate extra value out of their van.

Camplify isn’t the only such share-marketplace, either, with other businesses like My Caravan all boasting impressive libraries of RVs for hire.

If you have a caravan or RV parked in your yard, you might want to put it to work for you and earn some extra income to help cover the cost of insurance and maintenance.

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