Five ways to upgrade your camper trailer

Customise your camper trailer to improve your camping experience.
Camp trailer camping

There is nothing more satisfying for a camping enthusiast than upgrading your camping equipment or camper trailer.

Before making tracks to your next campsite, reorganise your camping accessories and equipment to replenish anything that that may have been lost or broken from your last trip. Some necessities include pegs, clean kitchen gear, adequate shade, dishwashing detergent, a dustpan and broom, tarp, garbage bags, batteries for head torches and lamps, citronella sticks and matches. By simply restocking these items in your camp kitchen you will have a more enjoyable experience.

There are also many upgrades you can make to your camper trailer which will revolutionise the way you camp. Here are five easy upgrades you can do at home.

1. Off-road extras and protection

If you prefer to make tracks off-road, make sure your vehicle and camper trailer is well protected. When going off-road with a camper trailer you need to have an off-road hitch to allow the camper trailer to move independently to the 4WD. You will also need to have a set of shock absorbers to lesson the impact the trailer has when it hits a pothole or corrugation.

2. More storage

You can tell the difference between a rookie camper and a pro simply by checking out their storage. Experienced campers have learnt the hard way that storage is key when it comes to an off-road adventure. Roof racks, draws, jerry can trays and plastic labelled containers can make a world of difference when travelling on the beach with a full load. Shop around for plastic storage boxes, water drums, DIY storage drawers and cargo racks to improve the storage in your camper trailer. Just remember to keep and eye on your weight when towing.

3. Camp shower

The best way to keep the ‘Mrs’ happy on a camp is to provide a hot shower. Solar camp showers, pump showers and portable hot water systems are easy to install and use. While most of them are quite expensive, they are considered great value for money.

4. More shade

Queensland’s climate is not forgiving, especially in summer. Investigate ways you can provide more shade for the family by installing an awning, additional tent shelter or by using a tarp.

5. Camp lighting

Sunsets at camp are the best, although once that daylight disappears camp life can become very difficult. Adding extra lighting to your camper trailer will make cooking dinner easier and will help you keep an eye on the kids. There are many ways to add lighting to your camper trailer, here’s some examples to get you started.

  • Hard wired LED lighting
  • 12v rechargeable lighting
  • Portable lamps
  • Solar fairy lights.

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