Road safety isn't just for drivers

You don't need a license to save lives.
man and woman practising first aid

World First Aid Day is an initiative of the Australian Red Cross to highlight the importance of first aid in the event of motor vehicle crashes.

Whether it's at the beach or on the road, the first seconds after an incident are vital when it comes to saving a life. The Australian Red Cross has estimated up to 15 percent of deaths resulting from motor vehicle crashes could have been prevented if proper first aid had been administered. Based on the national road toll figures of the past five years, this means more than 1100 lives could have been saved.

The aim of The Red Cross' "You Don't Need A License to Save Lives" campaign is to educate people on how they can help if they are first on the scene of a vehicle crash.

"It is well known that unless timely first aid is provided, many severely injured people do not survive," World First Aid Day spokesperson Janie McCullagh said.

"The application of first aid techniques – in particular proper positioning of the victim prior to the arrival of emergency response team – can mean the difference between life and death."

First aid preparation can be as simple as remembering the basic life support acronym DRSABCD:

D     Check for Danger
R     Check for Response
S     Send for help. Call 000
A     Open Airway
B     Check for normal Breathing
C     CPR
D     Defibrillator

Ms McCullagh said it was important for families planning their holidays to refresh their first aid training and always carry a basic first aid kit.

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