Put safety first these school holidays

Check your vehicle before it's too late.
woman holding a child next to broken down car

The Queensland government has advised motorists to perform a safety check on their vehicles before travelling during the school holidays.

The warning comes after transport inspectors intercepted 1265 light vehicles and issued a record number of defect notices – 192 – in June.

Of the vehicles that received a defect notice, nearly 75% were due to issues with lights and electrical components or wheels and tyres.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said Queenslanders needed to regularly check their vehicles for potential issues to reduce the risk of mechanical-related crashes.

"Road safety is everyone's responsibility and performing regular safety checks is the best, and often cheapest, way to maintain a safe vehicle," he said.

"We've rolled out our roadside checks for a number of years now and the feedback on the ground is that it often helps mums and dads identify issues with their car they might not have otherwise noticed."

Mr Bailey said motorists intending to tow equipment over the school holiday period should perform checks on their caravans, boats and trailers.

"If you plan to travel with a caravan or trailer, ensure it's in a roadworthy condition and your vehicle is suitable for towing and properly equipped," he said.

"Anyone travelling on a long trip should also schedule rest stops every two hours to avoid fatigue and help arrive safely at their destination."

Before setting off these school holidays, check RACQ's road conditions website for up-to-date traffic information.

Simple car checks you can do:

Check your tyres

The tread depth on your tyres should not fall below 1.6 millimetres.

Check your lights

You can be fined for driving with non-functioning headlights or taillights, so check them on a regular basis. The video below helps with how to check your lights and tyres.

Maintain your car battery

All batteries look the same from the outside, but the inside can be a different story. Follow the tips in the video below and keep your battery's health in top shape.

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