Does hearing loss affect your ability to drive?

Maintaining good hearing health helps ensure a safer and more pleasant driving experience.

Listening in the car can be challenging. 

Road, engine and wind noise, air conditioner fans and music all add noise that make it harder to hear and untreated hearing loss may exacerbate hearing difficulties. 
hearing on the road

Awareness and safety

Hearing is crucial for safe navigation and avoidance of potential hazards. 

Horns warn of situations requiring attention, sirens alert us of approaching emergency vehicles, and engine sounds advise potential mechanical issues. 

Good hearing allows us to follow guidance from navigation systems and hear sensors from safety systems while audible indicator signals ensure we accurately communicate intentions to other drivers. 

If you have trouble hearing in the car, check mirrors regularly to enhance awareness of surroundings, and utilise visual and/or vibration alerts from the car's safety and navigation systems to compliment auditory signals.


Engaging in enjoyable conversations can contribute to a positive driving experience.
Tips for communicating in the car:
- Inform others if it’s challenging for you to hear. 
- Establish communication strategies. Speak clearly at a moderate pace. 
- Minimise noise. Turn down music or close windows/sunroofs. 
- Use hands-free technology or Bluetooth streaming in hearing devices when using the phone.
- Remote microphones may assist hearing device users to hear passengers more easily.


Beyond safety and communication, hearing well can also contribute to a more pleasant driving experience. 

Many people appreciate listening to music, radio, podcasts or talking books while travelling.
Ensuring you can hear clearly and at a comfortable volume for other travellers offers enjoyment. 

Optimise your hearing 

Maintain hearing health by keeping the volume of your audio system at a moderate level to avoid prolonged exposure to loud sounds.

On motorbikes, custom hearing protection can protect your ears by minimising wind and engine noise while maintaining awareness.

Having regular hearing checks, protecting your hearing and addressing hearing loss promptly will optimise awareness, communication & entertainment when on the road.  

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