Hanging pictures in rental properties

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Tips for hanging photos and decorating in a rented property, so you won’t upset the landlord.

Hanging up pictures
Everybody gets the urge to decorate when moving into a new home so here are some easy ways to avoid leaving holes or marks on the walls.

Picture strips

There are several types of picture strips that allow you to hang frames directly on the walls without leaving marks or holes once removed. The adhesive strips stick to the wall and directly to frames, or use them to attach plastic hooks for hanging frames.

Strings or ribbon

Hang string or ribbon across your window sill or wall and attach photos with small pegs. You can secure the string with washi tape or tie it to existing fixtures.

Free-standing frames

Instead of attaching frames to the wall, let them stand on their own. Prop up frames on a bookshelf, mantle, coffee table, bedside table, or desk to add that personal touch to your space.

Washi tape

A more paint friendly alternative to Blu-Tack, washi tape can be used to create a stick-on frame around the photo or act as double-sided tape for those not wanting a frame. It peels off easily and comes in a range of colours and patterns to suit the room of choice.

Twinkle lights

Instead of string or ribbon, use twinkle lights across windows or in living areas. With all the convenience of strings and ribbons, but the added charm and frame of the extra light.

If it’s a short lease, or you’re decluttering for a move, embrace the temporary and opt for a photo book to showcase the memories from your walls.

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