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Try these apps to make your phone a beneficial tool for learning and a boost in your productivity, focus, mental health and final results. 

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With our phones now capable of so much, offering a vast number of apps, they can be an incredible tool, however they can also be a distraction.

We have done the research to bring you the best apps to support students’ productivity, mental health and sustainability.

1. FocusKeeper

Nothing feels better than ticking tasks off a to-do list at the end of a day but, sometimes, staying productive can be difficult. Using the Pomodoro technique, you can combat procrastination and get it done. The Pomodoro technique involves 25 minutes of focused work, rewarded with a five-minute break. After four rotations, a half-hour break is encouraged. Using this system boosts concentration, reduces distractions and provides an achievable approach to large tasks. FocusKeeper lets you set goals and a clear timer help you stay focused.

2. HabitBull

Habits are the basis of our routines, keeping us on track, healthy and productive. HabitBull offers a sleek interface and simple overview to help you track your most important habits, backing the data up to the cloud, so you can see your improvement over an extended period.

3. Calm

Interested in trying meditation? Calm is a free app, aimed at meditation beginners, offering a range of guided meditations. Short and long sessions on topics such as stress, anxiety, sleep, habits, gratitude, relationships and more. Just a few minutes of meditation a day has been proven extremely beneficial for students focus and stress management.

4. SimpleMind

Mind mapping is backed by science as a successful study method, tapping into different parts of our brain for better information retention. SimpleMind allows you to make on-the-go, creative visuals to boost your next study session.

5. RACQ Fair Fuel Finder

Whether you just bought your first car (yay!) or are borrowing your parents’ car, filling up the petrol tank can be an expensive exercise. RACQ Fair Fuel Finder automatically compares prices across multiple retailers in your area to help you find the cheap deals on fuel, so you don’t pay more than you should to fill up.

6. Uptime

Wanting to read more, listen more and grow your knowledge but are struggling to find the time? Uptime is your solution with five-minute summaries of the best books, podcasts, courses, and documentaries. Invest in you with just five minutes to read, listen or watch popular, awarded and well-reviewed content.

7. Google Calendar

Never miss an appointment, due date or event again with one of the best calendar apps. Staying organised is vital as a student and Google Calendar is perfect for tracking all your commitments with time-blocking, daily, weekly and monthly views and aesthetic colour-coding options.

8. UniDays

Who doesn’t love a good deal? One of the benefits of being a student is the deals, discounts and offers at a range of retailers. UniDays is a global student discount service helping you save big on some of the most popular brands.

9. RACQ Learner Driver

Learner drivers can keep track of their their hours with the RACQ Learner Driver app. You can also track your progress and submit your hours directly to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.  Learners also gain access to exclusive RACQ content through the app, including videos and explanations on driver skills and manoeuvres needed for their P-plate test.

Learn about RACQ's Learner Driver, Fuel, Roadside and Discount apps

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