Life and income insurance for all Queenslanders

You know why you need life and income protection – the reasons are all around you. But wouldn’t it be nice if someone offered simple, straight forward cover that had your best interests at heart?

RACQ has partnered with AIA, one of Australia’s leading life insurers to change life insurance for the better by offering a range of life and income protection products that give you access to AIA Vitality – a health and wellbeing program that rewards healthy living.

AIA Vitality makes your insurance more than just protection - it’s a personalised, scientifically-backed program that supports you every day to make healthier lifestyle choices. By being a part of the program, AIA Vitality gives you the opportunity to access savings on flights, gym memberships, fitness devices, leading retail brand shopping vouchers, spa treatments, discounts off your Life and Income Protection insurance premiums* and more.

Life and income protection from RACQ gives you:

  • comprehensive cover, with three policy types that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget
  • access to AIA Vitality, a personalised, scientifically-backed health and wellbeing program that rewards a healthy lifestyle
  • RACQ member rates, with an extra 5% off for joint policies and a 10% discount when you buy online
  • bonus cover on some of our benefits that rewards your loyalty over time
  • up to 10% off your Life and Income Protection premiums when you get to an AIA Vitality Status of Silver or higher*.

Explore our range of insurance products

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  • Pays up to $1 million in the event of Death or Terminal Illness
  • RACQ member rates
  • Bonus cover on selected benefits
  • Optional Trauma, Total and Permanent Disability cover
  • Access to AIA Vitality
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    Income Protection

  • Pays up to 75% of Income^ if you can’t work because of an Illness or Accident
  • RACQ member rates
  • Death cover, Premium Pause and Premium Waiver benefits included
  • Access to AIA Vitality

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    AIA Vitality

    AIA Vitality gives you the knowledge, tools and motivation to improve your health. You can also access discounts with a range of health and lifestyle providers. Available through the purchase of our Life or Income Protection Insurance policies.

    AIA Vitality discounts

    Need help? Try our needs calculator to determine what your options are.

    Why choose RACQ for your Life or Income Protection

    • We are trusted
      With over 1.8 million Home, Vehicle, Pet, Boat, CTP, and Life and Income Protection Insurance policies currently in effect, Queenslanders trust that we will look after the things they value most.
    • Our products are tailored
      We truly understand Queenslanders and our products are crafted to suit their different life-stage needs.
    • We care
      We’re here for Queenslanders when you need us. Our supportive and friendly staff will be there to help you 24/7. Find out how to contact us here to discuss your insurance needs.
    • We offer you great benefits
      An RACQ membership unlocks a huge range of benefits like Aussie Assist, Dining Rewards, discounted movie tickets and holidays, and offers all over Queensland and Australia.

    ^Cover up to 75% of your Income to a maximum of $10,000 per month.


    RACQ’s Life and Income Protection Insurance suite of products described on this website is distributed by RACQ Operations Pty Ltd ABN 80 009 663 414, Authorised Representative Number 234978 (RACQO), an authorised representative of AIA Financial Services Limited ABN 68 008 540 252, AFSL 231109 (AIAFS) and is issued by AIA Australia Limited ABN 79 004 837 861, AFSL 230043 (AIAA). RACQO is a distributor only; it does not sell, issue or guarantee these products. AIAFS and other authorised representatives of AIAFS are also involved in distributing these products. Descriptions of product benefits and features are a summary only. You should consider factors like your objectives, financial situation and needs and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available on this website before deciding to acquire or continuing to hold any of these products. The information on this website is general and does not take such factors into account so you should consider its appropriateness in the context of such factors. Cover is subject to terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions.

    AIA Australia has adopted the FSC Life Insurance Code of Practice, which contains minimum standards of service that customers can expect from insurers. The code can be found at

    AIA Vitality partners, benefits and rewards are subject to change at any time. For the most up-to-date information and to view the AIA Vitality Terms and Conditions see Partner terms and conditions may also apply.

    *Reach AIA Vitality Silver status or above and you’ll get up to 10% off your RACQ Life Insurance and 5% off your RACQ Income Protection Insurance premium at your next Policy Anniversary Date. Maintain AIA Vitality Silver status or above to keep the discount each year.

    The 10% online discount applies to annual insurance premiums for new RACQ Life Insurance and RACQ Income Protection Insurance policies purchased online for the life of the policy.

    Life and Health Discount (LHD)

    • To qualify for the 5% Life and Health Discount (the LHD), you must hold both an RACQ Health Insurance Policy and an eligible RACQ Life Insurance policy. Both the RACQ Health and Life Insurance policies must insure the same person (same name and date of birth must appear on both policies) and have a common mailing address listed.
    • Eligible RACQ Life insurance policies are:
      • RACQ Life Protect
      • RACQ Income Protect
    • For Joint Policies, at least one of the insured lives must hold an RACQ Health Insurance Policy in addition to an eligible RACQ Life Insurance and the LHD will apply to both life insured's premiums under the RACQ Life Insurance Policy.
    • Where you have an existing eligible RACQ Life Insurance policy the LHD will be applied at your next payment instalment for fortnightly or monthly premium frequencies. If you have an annual premium frequency the LHD will be applied with immediate effect.
    • The LHD will continue to be applied to your RACQ Life Insurance premiums, provided you still qualify by holding an RACQ Health Insurance Policy and an eligible RACQ life insurance policy.
    • If you no longer hold an RACQ Health Insurance policy, the LHD will be removed at your next Policy Anniversary Date.
    • If the RACQ Health Insurance policy is not in place within or at 30 days of policy inception, the LHD will be removed effective from:
      • next payment instalment for fortnightly and monthly premium frequencies; or
      • policy inception for annual premium frequency.
    • The LHD is generally applied to the total premium. If you are eligible for other discounts (in addition to the LHD), then generally we apply each additional discount to the already discounted premium.
    • AIA Australia Limited reserves the right to vary or discontinue the LHD at any time and without notice.

    RACQ Health Insurance is issued by MO Health Pty Ltd ABN 32 611 323 034, a registered private health insurer, trading as RACQ Health Insurance, for which RACQ Operations Pty Ltd ABN 80 009 663 414 receives commission.