RACQ is committed to providing greater transparency and pricing to customers and members. We have now made it easier to compare your current premium to the previous year.

In this comparison, you may see a number of items in the breakdown including one listed for the Emergency Services Levy.

What is the Emergency Services Levy (ESL)?

The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is an emergency services insurance contribution scheme that funds the fire and rescue emergency services in New South Wales (NSW). Insurance companies are required to contribute to the budget for these services in NSW each financial year. Insurers may reclaim this amount from their policyholders by charging an ESL in their insurance policy premium.

What is the Section 30 order?

An Order requiring insurance companies, and those acting on their behalf, to provide a breakdown of the ESL component of the premium, as well as year on year premium comparisons.

Will the ESL increase insurance premiums?

There is no direct change to policy premiums because of the ESL. However, you may see an increase in the ESL contribution compared to last year.

Does this impact all State and Territories?

No, this is specifically for New South Wales policy holders.

What insurance products are impacted by these changes?

  • Boat
  • Caravan
  • Household
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Body Corporate