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Roadside Extra
Plus Care
Ultra Care
RACQ Ultimate
Key Benefits Hide
Nominated Vehicle Cover
One nominated vehicle per policy
1 nominated vehicle
1 nominated vehicle
1 nominated vehicle
1 nominated vehicle
1 nominated vehicle
Member cover
Coverage no matter what vehicle you're driving#
1 member for any eligible vehicle
1 member for any eligible vehicle
The distance RACQ will travel to your breakdown location at no additional cost
Up to 50km
Up to 65km
Up to 100km
Up to 120km
Up to 200km
Towing to desired location
In any direction, including eligible Caravan/Trailer if attached to Eligible Vehicle (which has been towed by RACQ)*
Up to 20km
Up to 35km
Up to 50km
Up to 60km
Up to 100km
Towing to RACQ
To the attending regional RACQ contractor premises or immediate location en route
Up to 50km
Up to 65km
Up to 100km
Up to 120km
Up to 200km
Emergency fuel
Driver pays
Driver pays
Up to 3 times p.a.
Up to 3 times p.a.
Up to 4 times p.a.
Up to $27 p.a.
Up to $55 p.a.
Up to $150 p.a.
Rental vehicle
Up to 1 day / $220 p.a.
Up to 3 days / $330 p.a.
Emergency locksmith
Up to $110 p.a.
Up to $165 p.a.
Up to $300 p.a.

^ When you are more than 100km away from home and RACQ estimates your repairs will take longer than 48 hours for Plus Care and 24 hours for Ultra Care and RACQ Ultimate, you may choose one of the Travel benefits.

# Coverage available for eligible vehicles, refer to terms and conditions.

* Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply, including vehicle weight, height and length limits – See our Roadside Assistance terms and conditions or download our brochure.

What level of Roadside Assistance do you need?

Understanding how roadside assistance works can help you choose the cover you need for the best price.

Think about how you use your car. Do you take short trips around town or do you like long adventures?

How far do you travel?

When comparing different roadside assistance have a think about how far you drive, and how often. One of the main variables in cover is the distance you'll be helped and how far you'll be towed at no additional cost. If you stick close to home, look for cover which offers less towing distance as this could save you money. Alternatively, if you love to get out on the open road, choose cover that reaches far and wide across the state.

Towing distances

Each level of cover comes with different towing distances. Your set towing range can vary anywhere from 20km right up to 200km. Towing distances are calculated on where you've broken down - either around town or regionally, and what cover you have.

Assistance distances

Like towing, your cover will come with a set of attendance entitlements too. This figure determines the furthest we'll travel to help you out of a sticky situation.

Do you need protection for yourself, your car or both?

Do you drive the same car each day? Share your car with family? Or, do you hop between cars, travel with others, or have multiple cars? Your answer can identify if your car needs the cover, or if you do.

Assistance for your car

With RACQ Roadside Assistance you'll get cover for your car, no matter who's driving. This means you can relax knowing if your car breaks down a patrol will come out, even when you're not the driver or passenger.

Member cover

If you want to know you'll be helped no matter what car you're in, consider roadside with member cover. This is perfect if you travel in different cars and want extra protection. This high-quality protection is available with Ultra Care and RACQ Ultimate cover.

Need optional extras and discounts?

There's lots of different benefits you can get with roadside assistance. Things like an emergency locksmith and emergency fuel are common inclusions. If you're after more bang for your buck check out the travel benefits, or cover for your caravan and trailer too.

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