We advocate for accessible, affordable parking in Queensland

Parking provision, regulation, and pricing needs to be balanced to ensure areas are accessible, affordable, and supply meets demand. It is also important for managing congestion, local amenity, safety, and promoting use or connection to public transport.

With population growth and development, technology improvements, and changing mobility trends like rideshare, RACQ encourages Councils to continually review on-street parking allocations to ensure a correct balance of parking, time limits and prices that meets the needs of all users. This can include utilising technology, such as in-ground sensors, to enable motorists to find the closest available on-street parking bay and minimise congestion and circling.

If you’re looking to find or save on parking in Brisbane and select Queensland locations, check out:

Parking prices in Brisbane

RACQ conducts analyses of off-street parking prices in Brisbane and compares Brisbane’s costs to other Australian capital cities.

Read the current 2021 Brisbane CBD Parking Prices report. This RACQ report analyses the prices for off-street Central Business District (CBD) parking for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne CBD areas and compares the cost of parking to analyses performed in previous years.

Current Parking Prices Report