Secondary school programs

Our secondary school programs teach young people skills and behaviours they can adopt to reach their full potential. Our free educational programs are offered to secondary schools across Queensland.

As Queensland’s largest advocate for road safety education, RACQ have a number of programs that educate students about road safety. The RACQ Docudrama is a two and a half hour senior school road safety education program that is offered free of charge to Year 11 and 12 students in Queensland secondary schools. Docudrama is both engaging and interactive and will empower your students to make better and informed choices both as a driver and passenger. Docudrama takes a community approach to road safety issues involving emergency service workers and other local professionals to help demonstrate a powerful ‘mock crash’ road safety scenario. Students then explore and are equipped with real world strategies for combating the ‘Fatal Five’ road safety issues; Drink and Drug Driving, Fatigue, Not Wearing a Seatbelt, Speeding and Distraction.

RACQ Docudrama Road Safety Program

The Program is divided into three sessions

Session 1: The ‘mock’ car crash scene scenario
This scenario involves three actors playing the victims in a ‘mock’ car crash scene. The emergency services and funeral directors also play a role in this dramatization.
Session 2: The Prequel (1st debriefing session)
This session will explore the activities and decisions of the victims prior to the car crash. Students are presented with facts and statistics addressing ‘The Fatal Five’ (not wearing a seat belt, speeding, fatigue, drink and drug driving, distraction).
Session 3: The Sequel (2nd debriefing session)
The final session involves developing strategies to empower students to make safer choices and decisions when they are either a driver or passenger of a vehicle.

RACQ Docudrama Road Safety Program


The RACQ Cash IQ Program is a one hour financial wellness program that is offered free of charge to Year 11 and 12 students in Queensland. The program is interactive, engaging and utilises an empowering approach to enable students to evaluate their current financial behaviours and challenge mindsets commonly associated with financial freedom. To support students to make informed financial decisions and improve their financial wellbeing, Cash IQ has separate offerings for Years 11 and 12; both of which aim to promote positive financial behaviours with simple, actionable strategies which can be implemented immediately by students. The two available programs are:

1. Cut the Cord; for Year 12 students
2. The Money Whisperer; for Year 11 students

Cut the Cord

This program explores the connection between financial control, personal relationships and goals as students are introduced to the Golden Triangle of Happiness. Modern society presents numerous challenges to maintaining balance, so students will work through interactive financial dilemmas to evaluate the impact of their choices on their happiness. Throughout the session students are involved in developing strategies to empower them to exhibit positive financial behaviours to make responsible financial decisions now and into their future.

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The Money Whisperer

This program provides opportunities for students to explore their relationship with their Money Whisperer and the impact this has on their financial control. Using interactive technology, students will evaluate some of their current financial behaviours, what it means to be a conscious spender and the role their ‘inner voice’ (the Money Whisperer) may be playing. Strategies for managing their Money Whisperer will be explored to empower students to make positive financial decisions which consider the bigger picture of their lives.

RACQ Driver IQ program

The RACQ Driver IQ Program is a one hour road safety awareness program that is offered free of charge to Year 10, 11 and 12 students in Queensland. The program is both interactive and engaging and utilises a resilience-based approach to empower novice drivers to survive and thrive throughout their driving journey. Key aspects of each stage of this journey are explored including the required 100 Learner hours, being a passenger and effectively dealing with them as a driver and handling breakdowns and accidents. Students are equipped with tangible, real-world strategies to enable them to maximise the Learner phase in preparation for progression to the Provisional driving phase and thriving beyond this. The two available programs are:

  • The Provisional (P) Program: for Year 11 Semester 2 students and Year 12 Semesters 1 and 2
  • The Learner (L) Program: for Year 10 Semester 2 students and Year 11 Semester 1 students

Driver IQ

Provisional (P) Program

By creating awareness about the ongoing driver journey and associated responsibilities, this program aims to empower provisional drivers to survive and thrive in this phase. Students will explore practical, real-world strategies for dealing with passengers as drivers and discuss the crash triangle. The differences between breakdowns and accidents will be examined and tangible strategies for what to do in such events will be unpacked.

Learner (L) Program

This program explores the phases of learning to drive and provides real-world approaches to improve the quality of and access to driving lessons. Students will discover practical information and strategies to assist them in passing their practical driving test and unpack what it means to be a good mate in the passenger seat, brainstorming tangible strategies to do so.

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