Supporting local community initiatives across Queensland

Since 2017, our grassroots sponsorships programs have helped over 50 organisations, businesses, clubs, associations and charities all across Queensland.

Local initiatives we have sponsored include:

  • Back-to-school kits for underprivileged students
  • Community gardens
  • Men’s sheds
  • Defibrillators for community clubs
  • Historic car rallies
  • Activities for children with disabilities
  • Community food kitchens

RACQ grassroots sponsorship applications are open to all Queensland organisations. Applying for a grant is easy – if you feel your organisation or initiative meets the sponsorship criteria and aligns with RACQ’s corporate responsibility categories, we would love to hear from you.

We have two programs to select from:

Mareeba Bowls
Community Sponsorships program
Applications for this program open biannually in April and October. Organisations the length and breadth of Queensland can apply for up to $4,000 for an initiative, with grants determined by our panel and a People’s Choice online vote. Applications for the RACQ Community Sponsorships program will next open in April 2022.
Hands of compassion
Local Giving program
The Local Giving program recently launched in RACQ stores across Queensland, with grants of up to $500 available for local community initiatives. Applications for Local Giving are open all year. If you are based within 5km of an RACQ metropolitan store or 100km of one of our regional RACQ stores, please speak with your local RACQ store manager for more details.

What we are looking for in grassroots sponsorship applications

Community Sponsorships and Local Giving applications must meet these criteria to be eligible for sponsorship.
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    The sponsorship initiative aligns with one or more of RACQ's corporate responsibility categories 
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    The initiative’s event, program, or activity is based in Queensland
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    The initiative provides a service or other benefit to Queenslanders in their local communities
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    RACQ members and their communities are among the current or potential beneficiaries of the initiative
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    The sponsorship offers RACQ measurable benefits commensurate with the value of the sponsorship, e.g. positive media coverage, a high degree of visibility within the local or wider community or other reputational enhancement
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    The initiative is either a proven proposition in terms of its merit or ability to deliver community and sponsor benefits or is supported by a sound business case demonstrating its potential to deliver such benefits
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    The application is for a one-off initiative contained within a single year 

Alignment with RACQ

All proposed sponsorships must demonstrate how they align with one or more of RACQ’s corporate responsibility categories.

  • Mobility
    Supporting initiatives relating to the mobility needs of our members and their communities and enhancing the security and sustainability of their transport choices.
  • Lifestyle
    Supporting Queensland institutions, organisations and events that are a fundamental part of Queensland and who we are as Queenslanders.
  • Wellbeing
    Supporting Queensland through emergency response, disaster recovery and initiatives encouraging community wellbeing.
  • Sustainability
    Supporting initiatives that preserve Queensland’s environmental sustainability and safeguard our members and their communities against climate impacts.

Grassroots sponsorship program FAQs

What level of funding is available?

For the Local Giving program, grants of up to $500 are available.

For the Community Sponsorships program, grants of up to $4,000 are available, selected by our panel and an online People’s Choice voting process.

When can I apply?

For the Local Giving program, applications are available all year. Please speak with your local RACQ store manager for more details.

For the Community Sponsorships program, applications open in two intakes each year: 1–30 April and 1–31 October.

What are the Local Giving and Community Sponsorships program guidelines?

The sponsorship initiative (event, program, project or activity):

  • demonstrates RACQ’s ties to the local community
  • provides a Queensland service or benefit, with RACQ members and their communities among the beneficiaries
  • offers a high degree of visibility within the local community and an opportunity to enhance RACQ’s reputation, image and brand
  • provides the opportunity to generate positive media coverage or PR
  • is a proven proposition in terms of its merit and ability to deliver community and sponsor benefits

Local Giving initiatives must also be within 5km of an RACQ metropolitan store or 100km of an RACQ regional store and offer the opportunity for the local store to be actively involved.

Are there any sponsorship initiatives that RACQ will not consider?

RACQ will not support the following types of sponsorship initiatives:

  • fundraising for a third party
  • requests to sponsor individuals
  • political parties or activities
  • any activity involving or promoting unsafe practices or breaches of accepted community standards
  • organisations or activities that are considered discriminatory against any section of the community
  • initiatives promoting the use of tobacco, consumption of alcohol or any substance abuse
  • an organisation or initiative that has received support from RACQ or the RACQ Foundation in the preceding 12-month period
  • sponsorship in the form of in-kind support
  • initiatives that have already occurred
  • capital works projects or the purchase of any office equipment, computers, fuel, white goods or wages
  • awards nights/presentations and other initiatives with low community benefit