The evolution of RACQ’s corporate governance

RACQ’s Board has put much time and consideration into working through how it tackles the future as Queensland’s largest club. This includes how the board can best govern for the challenges ahead to continue to achieve success for our Club and our members into the future.

As outlined in the August issue of The Road Ahead, the Board proposed a number of changes to the constitution for that purpose, Increasing the say our members have in the election of Queensland-based directors to the board and ensuring that a majority of voices at the board table are drawn from across Queensland.

The board believes that this change will result in a more democratic and effective director election process, where a member’s vote counts across all of Queensland, resulting in a stronger board composition.

All proposed changes were discussed for members’ consideration and voted for at the recent RACQ 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 23 November.

These changes will make RACQ better and stronger for our members, maintaining ‘the mind of a business and the heart of a club’.

Constitutional changes included in the recent 2021 AGM

An extract of the Explanatory Memorandum explaining the amendments to the RACQ constitution were considered at RACQ's recent AGM on 23 November 2021. You can access these below:

The Table of Changes provides more detail on the proposed changes:

The draft RACQ Constitution sets out the exact wording that is proposed to be voted on by members at the AGM:


The recent 2021 AGM was an opportunity for RACQ’s nearly 1.8 million members to hear first-hand from the RACQ President, Board, CEO and General Executive team on the Club’s results from the past financial year, key priorities and what the future looks like. Providing an opportunity for our members to vote on the proposed constitutional changes.

See results from final votes of RACQ's 2021 AGM here.

RACQ AGM 2021 President's Speech

RACQ AGM 2021 CEO Speech

More information

Please contact RACQ’s Group Company Secretariat on 1800 353 533 or for further information on the AGM and the Constitutional Changes.

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