Group Member Advocate Office

We understand some of our members may need extra help from time to time. The Group Member Advocate Office is here to represent the interests and champion the rights of members. Our job is to ensure your voices are heard, and to use your feedback to ensure we learn and continually improve to make things better for you.

The Group Member Advocate Office operates independently of the RACQ Assistance, Bank, and Insurance businesses and performs the vital role of advocating for members' individual and collective interests to ensure they remain a driving focus of RACQ.

Call 1800 848 869

What does the Member Advocate Office do?

  • Provides our members with a "voice" in the organisation
  • Promotes fair and reasonable outcomes for members
  • Assists the business in better understanding our members' perspectives, and the impact of decisions on members
  • Supports members/customers that may be experiencing vulnerability or hardship
  • Engages with customer representatives, including consumer advocates, legal aid officers, community legal centres and financial counsellors
  • Recommends opportunities to make a positive difference for members in broader initiatives, processes, issues and remediation activities

How can the Member Advocate Office help you?

1. If you are experiencing hardship or are in a vulnerable situation and require assistance with your RACQ product or service, please contact the Member Advocate Office.

2. If you have a complaint, contact RACQ's member relations team. The team will investigate your complaint and attempt to resolve the issue. You can contact them on 1300 851 381 or through our feedback page.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can either:

a) Contact the Member Advocate Office directly and request a review. Decisions of the Member Advocate Office are binding for RACQ, but not for you.
b) However, if you remain unhappy, you can contact the external ombudsman services.

Financial services product (banking and insurance)
Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Non-financial services product
Office of Fair Trading