RACQ on the ground in flood-ravaged Queensland


All it took was one answer to make a members’ day. The elderly woman was among dozens of locals who visited the RACQ Mobile Member Centre when it was deployed to Gympie.

The member went to the centre with her daughter to ask about a claim after her home was flooded. She was concerned rising floodwaters might not be covered in her insurance policy.

But when advised RACQ’s Home and Contents policies had flood cover as standard - and it didn’t matter if the cause was due to the torrential rain or rising floodwaters – the smiles, and indeed tears of relief, flowed.

During the centre’s stay in Gympie, RACQ staff gave members a range of support including lodging claims, organising home and vehicle assessments and providing general advice on the insurance claims process.

More than 1,000 claims had been made in the Sunshine Coast-Gympie-Wide Bay area claims after record-breaking rainfall hit southern Queensland over several days in late February and early March.

RACQ Group Executive Insurance Tracy Green visited the RACQ Mobile Member Centre and took the opportunity to reassure policy holders the Club will be with members ‘for the long haul’.

“We don’t get these homes fixed overnight. There’s a significant amount of damage, but we’re here on the ground working with members, working with our assessors, with our builders, to walk side by side to make sure we get every house repaired,” Ms Green said.

RACQ General Manager Claims Trent Sayers said RACQ had automatic flood cover in our policies.

“Our members should have no concerns about the fact that we are here to respond to their needs,” Mr Sayers said.

“Whether that be flooded, stormwater runoff, water inundation - whatever the case may be - we’re here to respond to those claims.”

RACQ Board President and Chair Elizabeth Jameson and Vice President and Deputy Chair Leona Murphy also visited the RACQ Mobile Member Centre and thanked the local teams, as well as staff who had travelled to the region, as part of the Club’s enhanced response to members.

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