RACQ pricing promises refunds


RACQ has made errors when calculating discounts for some insurance policies and we’re issuing refunds to some current and former eligible members to make things right. 

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If we sent you a letter or email saying we've paid your refund directly into your bank account, you don't need to do anything. Genuine refunds made to member bank accounts will show the description ‘RACQ Ins Refund’.

If we sent you a letter or email requesting your bank details, please submit them using the secure refund form available on racq.com/pricingpromises. Your refund will be paid to the bank account you nominate within 15 days.

Don’t be concerned if you are expecting a refund and haven’t heard from us.  The remediation program will run for several months with the majority of payments to be made by the end of the year.  

For more information

Please visit racq.com/pricingpromises.

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