Would you like to be sponsored by RACQ?

If you’re looking for sponsorship support from RACQ, and you believe your initiative (event, program or activity) aligns with one or more of our corporate responsibility categories, make sure you read the sponsorship criteria to see if your initiative meets our requirements. 

Given the variation in requests for support we receive, RACQ has two application options:
  • Local Sponsorships for requests up to $3,000
  • Major Sponsorships for requests over $3,000.
Every year we receive many sponsorship requests from organisations, businesses, clubs, associations and charities around Queensland. Unfortunately, not all applications will be deemed successful, even when application guidelines have been met in full.

What we are looking for in a sponsorship application

  • The proposed sponsorship arrangement aligns with one or more of RACQ's corporate responsibility categories.
  • The initiative (event, program or activity) is based in Queensland.
  • The proposal is for an initiative that provides a service or other benefit for the community, on either a local or state basis.
  • RACQ members and their communities are among the current or potential beneficiaries of the sponsored activity.
  • The sponsorship offers RACQ benefits commensurate with the value of the sponsorship, such as a high degree of visibility within the local or wider community, an opportunity to enhance our reputation, image and brand, and/or other measurable benefits such as positive media coverage.
  • The sponsored initiative (event, program or activity) is either a proven proposition in terms of its merit or ability to deliver community and sponsor benefits, or is supported by a sound business case demonstrating its potential to deliver such benefits.

What we are not looking for in a sponsorship application

  • Requests to sponsor individuals.
  • Individual or groups fundraising for a third party, such as team sponsorship to participate in a charity fundraising event. 
  • Organisations that cannot provide satisfactory details of the service delivery, financial or other relevant benefits of their activities.
  • Political party organisations or activities.
  • Religious organisations or activities, except where they involve the provision of recognised community welfare services.
  • Any activity involving or promoting unsafe practices or breaches of accepted community standards.
  • Organisations or activities that are considered discriminatory against any section of the community.
  • Events, programs or activities where the involvement of another sponsor would be contrary to, or in direct competition with, RACQ’s reputation, advocacy activities or commercial interests.
  • Events, programs or activities that do not provide measurable outcomes.
  • Initiatives that promote the use of tobacco or the excessive consumption of alcohol or any substance abuse, or are jointly sponsored by manufacturers of tobacco.
  • Activities that duplicate existing sponsorships.
  • Sponsorship in the form of in-kind support.
  • Initiatives that have already occurred.

We will assess each sponsorship application based on RACQ’s corporate responsibility categories and sponsorship criteria, as well as the current mix of sponsorships within our portfolio. 

RACQ regularly assesses its sponsorship portfolio to ensure that we are providing community support across Queensland.

At RACQ, our Local Sponsorships support Queensland organisations, businesses, clubs, associations and charities fund initiatives (events, programs or initiatives) that are meaningful to communities across the state.

Twice per year we open up applications with support of up to $3000. If you feel your organisations’ initiative fits into one of RACQ’s corporate responsibility categories we’d love to hear from you.

2020 Local Sponsorship Application dates:

  • 1 April to 15 May 2020 (applications closed)
  • 1 October to 15 November 2020 (assessment 16 November to 30 November)

All our applications can be completed online. Please visit this page during the above intake dates to complete your proposal.

Download brochure

For more information please email – local.sponsorships@racq.com.au

Our commitment to our existing Major Sponsorships means we are not seeking or accepting any new sponsorship requests above $3,000 at this time.

For sponsorship requests less than $3,000, we encourage you to apply for a Local Sponsorship during our next intake if your initiative aligns with one or more of our corporate responsibility categories and meets our sponsorship criteria.