Considerations when buying a convertible

Here are some things to consider before splashing out on the convertible of your dreams.
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Convertible, roadster, cabriolet. Whatever you call it, the chances are that at one stage in your life you have dreamed of owning one and we don’t blame you. There is no better feeling in the world than driving along with the top down, the sun on your back, and the wind in your hair. Before you invest in the ultimate cool convertible here are some things to consider.


When buying a convertible it is important to consider the maintenance involved. Convertibles, as a general rule, will require more maintenance than your standard car, although the level of maintenance differs from model to model. A classic vintage soft top will be very susceptible to rain and sun damage over time. Modern soft top models offer better weather-proofing technology. Some, like the Range Rover Evoque, even claim to be car wash proof. However, it will be beneficial in the long run to store it in a sheltered area. A hard top convertible is less susceptible to weather damage but the electric top requires it to have more mechanical moving parts than a regular car and this can require regular maintenance and checkups to ensure all these parts are moving correctly.


Security issues mostly arise with soft top convertibles because they are easier to break into. Modern car companies attempt to combat the security issue associated with owning a soft top convertible by including  high-tech security features such as the Mazda MX’s Engine immobiliser which prevents it from being hot-wired. Before purchasing a convertible, particularly a soft top convertible, consider where you will store it, and what security features are included.


The lack of a roof on a convertible creates an obvious vulnerability in the case of a rollover road accident. That being said, modern car companies are working hard to the decrease the safety risks associated with driving a convertible. The Volvo C70 convertible, for example, has been praised for its superior safety rating. It has good results in front, rear, and side collisions, and quick-reacting safety technology in the case of a rollover incident. Some convertibles have much higher safety rating than others so it is worth doing your research.


As fun as driving along with the top down may seem, it can also be cold, windy, and noisy. When buying a convertible remember to investigate what sort of noise and wind deflectors are included. Some modern convertibles are as comfortable with the roof up as any other car. Many convertibles have wind deflector to reduce noise when you do have the top down. To combat the draft which often becomes uncomfortable when driving with the top down in colder months, many modern convertibles also include seat warming and steering wheel warming technology.

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