Essential things to do before selling your vehicle

To obtain the best price for your car, you’ll need to use a little elbow grease.
Cleaning a car
One question we all ask when it comes time to sell a car is how much do I spend to get it right for sale? Is there a cost benefit to fixing dents, scratches, upholstery, or will the expense to fix the car outweigh the financial gain when it is sold?

Here are some tips that won’t cost too much and will have your car in the best shape for a sale.

Get an inspection

If you haven’t had it serviced for a while, at least get it inspected, so you have a document about the vehicle’s current condition to show potential buyers. You will know you’re not selling anything dangerous and you can fix any small problem before advertising the vehicle. Remember that if your car has lots of small faults, the buyer has more negotiating power than you.

Wash and clean like never before

A clean vehicle sells faster and usually for more than a dirty one. Clean the inside and remove any incriminating evidence of your own life – gum wrappers, fast food containers, junk in the console etc. Treat seats with leather conditioner or vacuum the cloth. Clean ashtrays and if you are a smoker, steam clean the vehicle to eradicate smoke traces. Clean carpets, all the glass, dashboard, steering wheel and door interiors. Replace worn mats. Wax and polish external surfaces – either DIY or pay a professional detailer to do it for you.

Update your service manual

If your vehicle has not been serviced by the original manufacturer, or you haven’t kept records in the service manual, update the service history if possible.

When your vehicle is ready to sell, make sure you take some good photos for the advertisement – even pay a professional photographer. Put some personality in your ad – tell a story about the life of the vehicle, something to make it stand out from the crowd online.

Book an RACQ Vehicle Inspection

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