Tips for keeping your car clean

Easy ways to keep your car clean and organised during the week.
Man cleaning his car.
You would be amazed by how much time you spend in your car when you combine your daily commute, weekend errands and the odd road trip. Cleaning your car for an hour or so each fortnight is all it takes to keep it looking good. Here are some easy ways to keep your interior tidy. 

Silicon cupcake liners

This the perfect accessory for your car as it prevents crumbs from falling into your cup holders and adds colour to your centre console. You can buy these online or use disposable paper cupcake liners.

Air freshener

There’s no way of bringing back the ‘new car smell’, however, you can leave a pleasant scent in your car with a new air freshener which will mask any odours.

Remove rubbish straight away

The best way to keep your car clean is to remove any rubbish as you go or install a car rubbish bin. Don’t put if off - the longer you leave it, the more rubbish you’ll accumulate. One trick is to always keep plastic bags in the car so that you can remove rubbish. It also helps if you end up with wet clothes or dirty shoes in the car.

Park it under cover

It’s never a good idea to park your car under a shady tree full of birds. Taking the time to consider where you park your car will save a lot of cleaning in the long run. Try to park your car undercover to reduce the amount of dust that accumulates on it.

Shake floor mats

Make it a habit to remove the floor mats and give them a shake once a week to keep the floor clean. This will remove any excess sand, dirt or dust.

Wet wipes

Every car should have a packet of wet wipes just in case you need to wipe down the inside of your car or clean your hands. You can also purchase glass wipes if fingerprints on the windows really annoy you.

Car seat protector

Dog or cat hair can be a nightmare to remove from the car seats. Before your four-legged friends jump in the car, make sure you install a pet car seat protector. This will give your pets a safe and comfortable ride while protecting your seats from hair, dirt and scratches.

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