Brisbane scooter company targets local and European markets


Benzina Zero is taking Aussie-designed electric scooters to the world.

Benzina Zero Duo

Brisbane-based Benzina Zero is taking Aussie-designed electric scooters to the world, with a range of compact, energy-efficient mopeds and scooters that speak to the company’s mission of easing urban congestion and airborne pollution.

Benzina Zero, which is Italian for “Zero Fuel”, is headed by long-time motorcycle and scooter industry stalwarts Joe D’Ercole and Ben Silver.

The pair have spent the past four years developing the scooters in conjunction with a Chinese factory where they are built.

“We have worked extensively with the factory to produce a product that is very unique and robust for Australian and European conditions,” Mr D’Ercole said.

The company plans to import the scooters to Australia and Italy, using the latter as a distribution point into Europe, he said.

Benzina Zero's Ben Silver and Joe D'Ercole.Benzina Zero's Ben Silver and Joe D'Ercole.

Ben Silver and Joe D’Ercole.

“I can confirm that we have 14 countries interested in our brand, including in the UK, Philippines and Singapore, who have now confirmed orders for evaluation samples,” Mr D’Ercole said.

“There are also many European countries who are now waiting for our shipment to arrive in Italy, which is estimated to be January 2022.”

The two-wheeler scooters are powered by Bosch electric motor technology with LG lithium batteries, while the larger three-wheel Cargo model is powered by a Thai Yuma motor and lithium battery.

The range kicks off with the Duo crossover, priced at $4650, and rises to the $15,490 Cargo three-wheeler.

Mr D’Ercole said each model had a different top speed and range between charges, and all have European Certification and Australian ADR (Australian Design Regulations) Compliance.

Benzina Zero Sport.

Benzina Zero Sport.Benzina Zero Sport.

The scooters can be charged via a standard wall socket or the battery can be easily removed for direct recharging with charging times varying, according to battery size, from five hours for the Cargo to seven hours for the Duo models.

Mr D’Ercole said all models, bar the Duo+, could be ridden in Australia on learner licences, while the Duo and City could be ridden in Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia by anyone with a full car licence.

The top-of-the-range Cargo three-wheeler delivery vehicle has a roof, reverse gear, 80km of range and a top speed of 70km/h, and Mr D’Ercole said the company had developed a range of accessories including pizza boxes so the scooters could be used as food delivery vehicles.

Benzina Zero Cargo.

Benzina Zero Cargo.

Benzina Zero model range and pricing

Duo crossover

  • Price $4650
  • Top speed 45km/h
  • Range 109km.


  • Price $5250
  • Top speed 65km/h
  • Range 95km.


  • Price $4250
  • Top speed 45km/h
  • Range 80km.


  • Price $7250
  • Top Speed 80km/h
  • Range 133km.

Cargo (three-wheeler)

  • Price $15,490
  • Top Speed 70km/h
  • Range 80km.

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