Five places to go fishing on the Gold Coast

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Grab your rod, tinny, kayak, or chair and start your day right by fishing at some of the best spots along the Gold Coast.
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There are really only two ways a fishing trip can go, either really well or extremely frustrating. However, if you stick to this local’s guide to fishing on the Gold Coast you will be in for a ton of fun and fish.

1. Snapper Rocks

Head north along the coastline towards Kirra and you will find a large gutter. If you start your day fishing here you will likely score either Dart, Flathead, Tailor, or even a Jewfish. You can also head south towards Tweed Heads, here you will find more gutters and a rock wall along the edge of the river. This spot is home to a number of hiding Pelagic fish. However, you will need to be aware and monitor the swell at Snapper Rocks — it can get a little dangerous. If you are having an unlucky day, spend your time amongst one of the most iconic surf breaks in Australia. If this isn’t entertaining enough for you, you can explore Coolangatta and the costal stores along the beach.

2. Tallebudgera Creek

The creek is the perfect place to fish from your tinny, boat, or kayak. Near the mouth of the creek try your luck catching a flathead. After, make your way towards the bridges for your chance to catch some bigger fish. If you don’t have a boat or a kayak, don’t worry, grab a comfy folding chair and set yourself up along the bank. Most of the creek is easily accessible and there is plenty of parking upstream.

3. Bond University

Although the location may seem a little odd, you will soon be calling this Robina lake your new favourite fishing spot. However, if you are wanting to try your luck fishing here, be sure to do so off the bridge that crosses the lake (public land). For the best access, use Lake Orr Drive.

4. Gold Coast Seaway

There are a large number of great fishing spots along the Gold Coast Seaway, and trying them all would be quite a struggle. However, if your love mangrove jacks you want to try fishing at rock walls. Whereas, there are some great spots under the jetty where you can find flathead. If you pay (only a couple of dollars) to fish out on the sand pumping jetting you will walk back in with a massive fish to feed you and your extended family.

5. Jacobs Well and Jumpinpin

The drive to Jacobs Well is glorious, the whole town is like one large boat ramp. The towns treasure, Jumpinpin is home to huge flathead. The locals all follow one rule when it comes to Jumpinpin, the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish. When you are in a tinny (or any watercraft), Jacobs Well can lead you down endless channels, creeks, rivers, and gutters, all through the Pimpama River. Don’t let the the full parking lot deter you, it just means there are fish here and they are always biting.

When in doubt chat to the locals. If you are new to fishing read our guide to picking the right lure.

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