How to keep your pet warm this winter

Helpful advice to ensure your pet avoids the winter chill.
Dog on bed under blanket
Winter is well and truly here so make sure your pets are prepped for the frosty mornings and cool nights.

If you are starting to feel cold and uncomfortable, then your pet is likely to be feeling the same way. Here’s some tips to make sure that your furry companion is safe and warm this winter.


During autumn we tend to add a few extra layers of blankets to the bed. You can do the same for your pet’s bed to ensure they are properly protected from the cold. If your pet’s bed is outside ensure that it’s away from drafts and is elevated slightly off cold, hard surfaces. Keep their bedding undercover to ensure it doesn’t get wet.


Depending on the breed and the age of your pet, a coat can help add extra warmth when outside early in the morning or late at night. Make sure you remove the coat when you are back indoors as you don’t want to overheat your furry friend. Ensure the coat is the right fit so that it doesn’t restrict your pet’s movement.


If you keep your pets outside, make sure they have a sheltered area for protection from rain and wind. Purchase a dog kennel or cat enclosure to protect them from the cold and keep their bedding dry. Fill their shelter with blankets that are washed regularly. Allow pets to come inside if it is a particularly cold, windy or rainy day.

Senior care

Cold weather can be hard on older cats and dogs as it can aggravate their joints. Like humans, some animals suffer from arthritis so when the temperatures drop their joints can become very stiff. If your pet is showing changes in behaviour take them to your local vet for a health check-up.


Keep trimming to a minimum in winter so your dog can benefit from their warm coat. Always dry them off after a bath so that they don’t get a chill and keep an eye on their skin as it may become dry during the cooler months. You can look after your pet’s skin through their diet and always speak to your local vet if you have concerns.

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