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There are plenty of accommodation options for your pets when you travel. Choose the one that's right for you.

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Looking after pets when you're on holidays

When you go on holidays it's not always easy to take your pets with you, especially if you're going overseas.

Leaving your pet behind can be a difficult decision but there are a variety of pet care options for you while you are away.

Pet sitter

A great benefit of pet sitting is that your pet can stay in their own familiar environment. It can be distressing for an animal to be taken out of their environment, so having someone dropping by or living in your home can make it a lot easier.

Pet sitting involves having someone come around to your house to take care of your pet, either part-time or living-in. Friends and family are the perfect choice as you already know and trust them. If you're using an agency, make sure they are well-trusted and have great reviews. Word of mouth is a fantastic way to find good pet sitters.

Always be sure to leave whoever is looking after your pet with the phone number of your vet and alert them of any medications or allergies of your pet.

Hanrob Pet Hotels

We partner with Hanrob Pet Hotels in Brisbane because we trust their training and boarding facilities are safe, giving your pet a healthy environment.

As an RACQ member you receive 10% off the total price of your pet's stay.

Pet boarding

You may have a friend or family member who is willing to have your pet come and stay with them. It means your pet will be outside of its usual environment but you can introduce your pet to their sitter in advance. Make sure your pet gets along with any other pets that might be staying there as well.

There are also professional boarding facilities for pets. If your pet is staying with other animals, it's important to have all its vaccinations up to date. This is often a requirement of boarders and kennels.

Dog kennels and catteries

There are a wide variety of kenneling options available for your pet. Services at these places range from on-call vet visits, pick-up and delivery of your pet, and even daily dog-grooming services.

Regardless of what level of service you are interested in, if you're on the lookout for a good kennel, research what's available, talk to friends or family about their experiences or go and check out the facility for yourself.

If you know the staff love the animals and take good care of them, you will be confident about your choice and not worry while you're away.

Peak kennelling times

Kennels are busy during popular holiday times such as school holidays, public holidays, long weekends, Easter and Christmas. Depending on the time of year there may be a minimum stay required.

It is recommended to book your pet into a kennel well in advance of peak periods to ensure availability. Make sure you are aware of any peak rates that may be applicable.

Kennel activities and attention

Before choosing a kennel, be aware of the activities your dog will be doing each day and how much time they will be spending with carers and other dogs.

Ideally, the kennel will put your pet with others of similar disposition. There can be great games and activities when there are many dogs but be sure to ask about the balance of playtime to rest your animal will have.

Pricing may vary according to the level of time and attention given to your dog so be mindful of hidden costs.

Personality fit for your dog

Kennels are a great place for dogs with a lot of energy and have a happy, easy going disposition. They are social places and can be a lot of fun for dogs.

If your dog gets stressed easily, a kennel may be an unpleasant experience and might cause unnecessary anxiety for your dog and other dogs around the kennel. If this is the case, perhaps a pet sitter is a better fit for your dog.

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