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Road Trip
Seven tips to help your next pet friendly road trip.
Dog in car on road trip
Planning a road trip around Australia or Queensland with your four-legged friend? It can be difficult, but not impossible, so follow these tips and enjoy hitting the open road with your dog.

Take mini road trips before you go

If your pet isn’t used to long drives, do a trial run. A mini road trip can help familiarise your dog with sights, smells and your vehicle and give an indication of how they may travel on larger trips.

Make sure they’re microchipped

Ensure your dog is microchipped with correct details on the microchip register. Depending on your destination, check whether your microchip is recognised nationally or only in your state. Remember to add an ID tag on the collar with current contact details.

Get a check-up and pack medication

Visit a vet to see if your dog is right to travel and up-to-date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatments. If specific medication is required, have enough stock to last the trip. Pro tip: Pack a doggy first aid kit in case of emergency.

Pack a supply of their food and water

Stick with what is familiar and use their regular food to avoid stress and lessen the chances of travel sickness or food disinterest. A constant supply of water will keep them healthy for the trip.

Safety first

It might look cute, but dogs should not have their heads out of windows. It is a safety risk given the danger of being hit by objects and can be a distraction for the driver. Rather, dogs should be safely secured inside the vehicle with a harness designed to clip into a seatbelt. Some owners may prefer a secured pet container which allows the dog to lie down and move around comfortably.

Take lots of breaks

Just as humans need to stretch their legs and take toilet breaks, so do animals. Constant breaks will allow them to burn off energy before they get back in the car and, best of all, help prevent mess.

Pet-friendly accommodation

Before stopping for the night, research pet-friendly accommodation options including camp grounds, caravan parks and hotels. Many accommodation options have strict rules around pets and you will need to abide by their regulations.

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