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Renewable energy solutions for the home are now more affordable than ever.

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More than three million homes across Australia have harnessed the power of the sun to reduce their electricity bills through rooftop solar systems*.

About 17% of energy generated in Queensland is renewable, with a target of 50% set for 2030*.

Clean Energy Council (CEC) Director of Distributed Energy Darren Gladman said it had become easier than ever for homeowners to embrace solar energy.

“The costs of rooftop solar systems have come down a lot due to economies of scale and global demand – it’s actually one of the best investments you can make,” Mr Gladman said.

“An appropriately sized solar system that suits your needs can pay for itself in as little as three to four years, which is an attractive return on investment and for customers who do careful analysis it could make very good financial sense.”

Mr Gladman said battery packs were becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who did not want to rely on the electricity grid.

“Having a solar system with a battery installed means you can become independent of the grid and is really valuable for people who live in areas often impacted by bushfires or storms that bring down powerlines and cause blackouts,” he said.

Mr Gladman said clean, renewable energy was the way of the future.

“The more solar and batteries we have the quicker we can shut down coal power stations which is absolutely crucial if we’re going to meet the zero emissions targets,” he said.

“Connecting your hot water system to your solar system is a very cheap and simple way of storing energy and heating water.

“We’ve only just started to see batteries take off and in the next few years electric vehicles are going to become more popular.

“It’s early days but we’re also looking towards intelligent home management systems that monitor how much electricity is coming from your solar panels, the weather and how much charge is in your home battery to manage power needs effectively.”

Mr Gladman said members considering rooftop solar systems and other clean energy options should ensure they chose a CEC-accredited retailer.

“It’s vital to get an accredited installer so you know your system is safe and installed properly,” he said.

“A CEC-approved retailer provides a five-year whole-of-system warranty so if you have an issue the retailer will take care of any warranty issues on behalf of the customer.”

Mr Gladman said it was important for members to consider their needs and get multiple quotes before choosing a retailer.

“When people buy from door-to-door salespeople they’re often under pressure and pay far too much, so our advice is don’t purchase until you’ve got three written quotes,” he said.

“Well-established, local businesses usually provide the best service and care about their reputation so look for a local business with a good track record.” 

*Source: Clean Energy Council

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