Five careers that can help the planet


Consider these jobs if you want to make a positive impact on a more sustainable future.

Jobs which can help the environment.

Do you care about our environment?

Does climate change and the damage it is doing to our planet make you angry?

Why not tap into that passion and pursue a career that helps save our planet.

By working in one of the jobs listed below, you can play a big part in raising awareness and making a real difference to the environment.

1. Hydrologist

Water is something we need to save and conserve to keep our planet thriving, but how do we do that? Hydrologists study how water moves through the earth’s crusts, whether it’s the depths of the ocean, the flow of your local creek or the structure of our dams. They look at how different quantities and qualities of water interact with the environment. They are our water environment problem solvers and innovators.

2. Urban/regional planner

These environmental leaders work to uncover community needs and develop sustainable solutions to build better communities. Urban/regional planners are dedicated to finding the balance between managing social and economic issues whilst supporting the quality and protection of our environment. Job opportunities for urban/regional planners are predicted to grow strongly over the next five years.

3. Environmental engineer

Combine biology, earth science and chemistry with engineering knowledge to be the ultimate environmental problem solver. Environmental engineers often work with governments and businesses to ensure their big ideas and projects are done in an environmentally friendly way.  

4. Zoologist/wildlife biologist

An impactful job with a groovy name, who wouldn’t want it? Zoologists and wildlife biologists work to protect our endangered species and the environments they need to survive so that one day they can release them back into the wild unthreatened. By tracking animals’ behaviours, habits and interactions, they are able to protect them and give them the best chance of survival in the wild. Do you want to spend time with animals while observing and tracking them to protect them? Becoming a zoologist might just be your calling.

5. Energy analyst (renewable energy)

Energy analysts monitor the energy usage and overall efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings to then develop and present ways to save energy. With their knowledge and commitment to a better environmental future, they give suggestions of materials, processes and resources to be more energy efficient and therefore less harmful to our planet.

Our planet needs changemakers like you to step up and make a difference, use your passion and strengths to build a more sustainable future.

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