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Transform a cluttered garage into a tidy storage space.
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Most families would know that garages are not just used for cars. Garages are often used for storing garden tools, camping gear, sporting equipment, cleaning products, boxes of old household goods and a lot of other miscellaneous items which just collect dust over the years.

If your garage is currently in need of a tidy, here are some tips to ensure that you make the most of this space.

Toss it or keep it

Clear out any rubbish, broken or unwanted items from the garage and throw it in the bin. Decide on what you want to keep or donate and reorganise the items which you plan to keep by storing them together into categories for example tools, gardening tools, sporting equipment, camping gear, cleaning products and storage. If you are struggling to part with items Japan’s decluttering expert Marie Kondo can help with these tips [INSERT ARTICLE LINK - PRACTICAL TIDYING TIPS].

Clean the garage floor

Use and electric blower, broom or hose to clean the garage floor. Remove any cobwebs and dust the shelves if you have any. Repainting the garage floor and walls can make a huge difference to the appearance of the room as it hides any ugly marks or stains. Think about implementing a regular cleaning routine for the garage in the future so that it stays well maintained.

Create zones

Plan the layout of your garage just as you would any other room in the house. Create a zone for a worker’s bench, tools and a storage area. It’s important to consider the location of power points and which walls to use for storage shelves or hooks. Consider how much space you will have near the perimeter of the garage when your cars are parked inside – the aim is to declutter not re-clutter.

Invest in storage

Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money on storage items such as toolboxes, sets of draws, shelves or wall screw-in hooks. The best way to implement storage solutions in the garage is to utilise your wall space. Need help with storage? RACQ members can receive the third month of storage free with StoreLocal plus 15% off packaging.

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