How to have a stylish home with children

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Strike a balance between a practical and functional living space.

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Having children doesn’t mean you have to swap your tidy and fashionable living space for a more practical solution.

Victory Blinds’ Stuart Clark shared his top tips to strike a balance between a practical and functional living space.

Display their artwork

Many children love being creative and often produce works of art which they give to their family. Instead of putting these away in a drawer, why not put these one-of-a-kind pieces up on the wall to inject some colour.

Go to the dark side

If wood features heavily in your home, consider a darker shade as this will conceal scratches and marks. Rich colours like mahogany can look sophisticated, are durable and are easy to maintain.
Get creative with storage

Wherever there is a child, a trail of toys normally follows so to keep your rooms tidy it is important to get creative with storage ideas. Incorporate trendy footstools with storage inside in your living room or use boxes to store toys underneath your child’s bed.

Experiment with wallpaper patterns

There are many advantages of using wallpaper over paint as it can last longer and protect the wall underneath. Incorporating a patterned wallpaper can add character to any room but with children around can really help hide stains and finger marks.

Use washable fabrics

Microfibre and velvet are great options for living spaces and easily washable along with being durable and soft. Leather is also a great option if you like vintage styles as spills and stains can quickly be cleaned.

Choose the right accessories

Shabby chic rugs are great for your entrance as they will welcome visitors into your home but are also great at preventing dirt from muddy or wet shoes being trampled through the house.

If you're wary of a glass table in your living room, why not replace this with a fabric ottoman and move breakable ornaments onto higher shelves so they can be seen but not touched.

Give your children chores

In return for treats or pocket money, let your children be involved in maintaining the cleanliness of their bedroom. If they’ve worked hard to preserve the house, they are more likely to take greater care, especially if they get something out of it.

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