How to manage your assessment schedule

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Follow these tips to cope better with the stress of assessment deadlines. 
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We all know the overwhelming feeling as assessment builds up, prioritising becomes more challenging and motivation slowly fades.

Managing deadlines can be a real obstacle in achieving your best but, with these top tips, you can effectively manage your study and assignments during peak assessment periods.

1. Know your strengths and tackle them first

We all have skills and strengths that we can capitalise on and some things that require a little more focus and attention to be successful. Knowing what subjects and assessment types you are best at allows you to prioritise tasks and reduce stress. Completing what you know you are good at first creates a feeling of accomplishment, momentum and motivation to help you push through the more difficult tasks that follow.

2. 'Due' date does not mean 'do' date

Yes, diamonds are made under pressure but leaving assignments and study to the very last minute does more harm than help. Completing assessment with limited time and added stress creates an unproductive environment and more room for mistakes. Being rushed does not allow the time to revisit with fresh eyes and make edits. Instead, get started with plenty of time before the due date and remove pressure to produce a quality result.

3. Plan, plan, plan

Calendars and to-do lists are your best friends when it comes to assessment time. Writing tasks and notes down as you go helps you stay across all deadlines, feel organised and reduce stress. Planning removes that overwhelming feeling so you can tackle your tasks with confidence.

4. Take breaks

No one’s brain is built to focus for super-long periods of time. Keep yourself concentrating and productive with regular breaks to keep you on track.

5. Keep your head up

Remember what is in your control and make that your focus. Worrying about potential situations or things you cannot influence only puts more pressure on yourself and takes away energy that you could be putting in your work. Do your best and keep moving forward.

Whether it is your looming maths exam, an extensive biology report or your final music performance, remember to take a few deep breaths, back yourself and take it one task at a time.

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