What savings account do you need?

When you’re working towards financial freedom it makes sense to get the most bang for your buck. Whether you’d like to lock down your money in a solid Term Deposit, or you’re after a bit more freedom, at RACQ Bank we’re here to help you reach your goals.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Lock in your money or enjoy the flexibility to withdraw
  • Earn bonus interest on our Bonus Saver Account
  • Enjoy a set return on your Term Deposit

No matter what your goal, we’ll help you reach it and reward you along the way.

Compare our savings accounts

Ready to start saving? Check out our savings accounts and term deposits and get one step closer to your goal. Let's get started. 

eSave Account

An online savings account with a competitive interest rate, which makes reaching your savings goal a lot easier.

Up to 0.50 % p.a.
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  • For those with savings goals
  • Competitive interest rate on balances over $5,000 to help you save
  • No account keeping fee
  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals without affecting your interest rate

Bonus Saver Account

With a bonus rate of interest paid, this is the perfect option for saving for a car or home deposit.

Up to 1.00 % p.a.
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  • Be rewarded for your saving and still have easy access to your money
  • Earn bonus interest when making deposits totalling $100 or more per month and making no withdrawals
  • No account keeping fee

Term Deposits

With a fixed interest rate for a fixed term, you’ll know exactly what your money will be earning you.

Up to 0.80 % p.a.
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  • Certainty of a fixed interest rate
  • Terms available from one month to five years
  • Invest from just $1,000